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Precautions for installation of hot melt adhesive machine

Please install the hot melt adhesive machine according to instruction. Improper installation may affect the actual operation. The following are precautions:

I. Installation precautions:

1. When installing hot melt adhesive machine, it shall be efficiently grounded to prevent electric shock;

2. Select sectional area of power cable according to power of the hot melt adhesive machine and its accessory equipment; pay attention to insulation;

3. Pay attention to voltage of the power supply used (220V±10%), correct access of zero line and live wire.

II. Precautions for use:

1. Avoid using hot melt adhesive machine around raw materials or gases which are volatile or explosive;

2. Avoid using hot melt adhesive machine without proper protection device, good insulation or good protective panel;

3. Do not operate and use hot melt adhesive machine in environment under zero degree or above fifty degree;

4. To ensure proper heat dissipation of thermal insulation pipe, it shall be avoided to place thermal insulation pipe in closed container;

5. When longer thermal insulation pipe is used, it shall be prevent from contacting the ground or cold object surface; otherwise, the glue duct may be not smooth or even thoroughly blocked;

6. Nozzle set is directly exposed in air, thus place with rapid air flow shall be avoided, or windproof treatment shall be applied.

7. No object shall be placed on hot melt adhesive machine;

8. When installing thermal insulation pipes, it shall be avoided to damage pipe body and surface;

9. The minimum curvature diameter for thermal insulation pipe shall be bigger than 300mm;

10. When moving hot melt adhesive machine, no place other than the base shall be stressed;

11. When using hot melt adhesive gun, the nozzle shall not be pointing any person.

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