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Application of hot melt adhesive machine in box sealing packaging industry

As a new carton, paper box packaging sealing manner, hot melt adhesive sealing has partially substituted traditional bundling up packaging and tape packaging, applied on external carton package for products such as foods, wine and dairy products.With advantages of good packaging quality, artistic appearance and low cost, the application of hot melt adhesive box sealing will be more and more extensive.Therefore, this sealing manner has become the tendency of development of external packaging sealing manner for numerous products.Hot melt adhesive machine sealing has also created maximum value for broad users.

I. Advantages of hot melt adhesive box sealing

Hot melt adhesive box sealing is to use fuse machine to melt the hot melt adhesive into liquid, and then send it onto the carton surface by throat tube and gun of fuse machine. Once the adhesive is cooled, the bonding is finished.It can satisfy various requirements for carton sealing. It has also conquered defects existing in traditional carton sealing method.

II. Good packaging quality

Transportation cartons shall be able to withstand temperature, humidity change and rough handling; but tape is difficult to satisfy this requirement, therefore its adhesive strength is relatively bad, tensile strength is small, and the viscosity on paper board with coating or oily is not good.

Hot melt adhesive has good binding force with wet object; it has good seepage force, has good physical and chemical adhesive effect between corrugated paper and lining paper board. After binding, the overall strength of carton increases and the carton will be not easy for deform or crack.Moreover, hot melt adhesive coating system can coat on key positions of different shapes, such as:Inner folded cover of carton.

Secondly, self-adhesive tape has relatively bad low temperature resistance and will easily chip under cold climate in north; hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance which can be as low as -40℃.Moreover, shelf life of hot melt adhesive can reach up to 2 years. It covers small area for storage without any special storage requirement; while the shelf life of tape is only half a year, with certain requirement on storage conditions, otherwise it may easily go bad.

Hot melt adhesive can also provide good anti-theft function. Since the adhesive is able to permeate through corrugated paper board, any attempt of opening carton will tear fibers.While tapes are able to be cut by knife, thus contents can be easily taken with the carton re-sealed.

Nowadays, merchants require package, besides transporting commodities, being designed to pass on product and company images.Therefore, it is better to have fewer factors with hindering effect on appearance.Frequently, tapes will cover images, disturbing the transmission of packaging information; while hot melt adhesive is binding between flaps, thus is able to provide bigger space for exhibition.

III. Low cost

Use hot melt adhesive for box sealing is quick: the whole process requires 1~3s only. It is suitable for batch production with low energy consumption and cost.Sealing cost with hot melt adhesive for standard corrugated cartons is about 32 yuan/1000 boxes. This is intermediate price for hot melt adhesive. Intermediate price for tape sealing is about 120 yuan/1000 boxes.

If hot melt adhesive is adopted, it is not required to stop the processing flow for glue addition while the replacement of tape requires machine stop.Moreover, partitions are not required in carton. The sealing strength will be bigger than boxes sealed by tape with partitions set inside. Thus it can reduce cost of partitions.

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