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Hot melt adhesive overview

Hot melt adhesive is the abbreviation of hot melt adhesive substances. It uses no solvent in production and application.It is non-toxic, odorless and non-pollutional to the environment, and thus is honored as “green adhesive”. It is thermoplastic adhesive which is solid in room temperature and liquefied in higher temperature.The melted liquid heat and wet the base material. After the adhesive layer cools down and hardens, the gluing is completed.Representative melting temperature is 65℃~180℃.Since it doesn’t contain any solid with 100% solvent, it is able to comply with the most strict air pollution prevention provisions and has not risk of fire or explosion.It is especially suitable for application on progressive production line.

Besides, main advantages of hot melt adhesive technique compared with traditional box sealing form are approximately reflected in the following aspects:

1. Box sealing with hot melt adhesive is suitable for high speed, automatic modern production;

2. It can reduce cost when compared with traditional box sealing by tapes;

3. It has high adhesive strength, thus cartons are not easy to deform and crack;

4. Environment friendly, able to be recovered together with cartons, not requiring separation, non-toxic and odor free, able to be used in carton packages directly contacting foods;

5. Not able to recover after opening, thus satisfying single use and safety requirements for product package;

6. By taking use of the liquidity of hot melt adhesive, the sealing effect of carton can be realized;

7. By taking use of coating pattern of hot melt adhesive, anti-counterfeiting effect can be achieved.

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