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Roller type box gluing machine

Model: CJ13GL-F01/CJ13GL-F02
Dimensions: 650(L) double-head/480(L) single-head ×350(W)×270(H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V 1.6kw(double head), 0.8kw (single head)
Motor power: 0.15KW
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Rolling
Capacity of glue cylinder: 2.5KG/h (single head)
Carton specifications: Minimum/not limited
Carton specifications: Maximum/not limited
Work efficiency: 15-30 pcs/min
Operation temperature: 220℃
Detailed description

This equipment is developed mainly for customers with requirements for box gluing with hot melt adhesive in small quantity and lack of budget.This equipment can have single head and double-head for single-side or double-side operation by customers. It seals boxes by rolling of adhesive with simple operation which is easily to get started!

Characteristics & advantages

1. Specifications of cartons are not limited, thus have good university;

2. Site for operation is not limited, taking a small floor space.It is able to be flexibly placed in both large factory and small shop;

3. Shifting of cartons is convenient and rapid without requiring adjusting of equipment and additional parts.

4. Environment-friendly and easily operational. Adhesive used in box sealing is hot melt adhesive which is non-toxic and odor-free; it is a environment friendly chemical product;

5. Extremely low power consumption; not requiring air source; beneficial cost control;

6. Artistic with high strength when used in box sealing;

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