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Continuous glue spraying type semi-automatic box sealing machine

Model: CJF3500-P-A
Dimensions: 3560(L)*760(W)* 1750 (H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V、3.7kw
Motor power: 0.75KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.75mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type
Capacity of glue cylinder: 5kg/h
Carton specifications: Minimum/120(L)*25(W)*12(H)mm
Carton specifications: Maximum/280(L)*230(W)*80(H)mm
Work efficiency: 55-120boxes/min
Operation temperature: 220℃
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

CJF3500-P-Acontinuous glue spraying type semi-automatic box sealing machine is arelatively high-end box sealing product researched and developed by our Companyin 2008 and finalized in 2014 after several modifications; the product issuitable for users with hot melt adhesive box gluing requirement, whoseproducts are in large scale and progressive production which is not suitablefor automatic packing with numerous carton styles requiring frequent styleshifting; it is also suitable for packaging in industries such as food,medicine, facial tissue, tool, electronic and so on.

Characteristics & advantages

1. Specifications of carton have good universality; specifications of carton package have a relatively bigger application scope which can be changed or modified according to cartons provided by the merchant.

2. Handwheel adjustment is adopted to change size of carton; the shifting among carton specifications during production is simple and easy, requiring a very short time;

3. No assistive devices are required for changing of specification; simple adjustment only can realize box sealing requirement;

4. Use hot melt adhesive which is non-toxic and odorless, satisfying requirements in environmental protection regulations for each industry;

5. Glue spraying process is advanced and flexible; equipment glue spraying adopts man-machine conversational operation system and high precision encoder counting; glue spraying effect can be set as spot-spray, sectional spray and stripe spray; requirement for spraying glue quantity can be changed flexibly according to actual situation of products; the system adopts automatic tracking to fulfill identical response speed and glue spraying precision under different speeds.

6. Setting of box sealing and glue application parameters; the debugging is visualized, so that adjustment of system parameter can be more convenient, modification of equipment operation speed, glue spraying distance, glue spraying length, glue spraying quantity and so on can be modified simply; 60 groups of different product specification parameters can be saved on system interface to reduce unnecessary loss caused by wrong memories or experiences of operators.

7. Imported accessories are optional; this equipment is able to be equipped with Spanish MELTON glue gun which has excellent glue spraying performance, stablility and high precision, or South American GT glue gun with ordinary performance, thus is able to satisfy different production requirements;

8. The equipment is in stainless steel with elegant appearance and high safety factor; it is set with emergency stop and photoelectric protection device to avoid injuries caused to personnel during the equipment operation.

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