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High precision full servo packing machine

Model: CJ-TZH-2015A
Dimensions: 4200(L)* 1200(W)* 1700(H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V/50HZ/6.2KW
Motor power: 0.75KW*1/0.4KW*3
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive/plug-in type is optional
Gluing method: Glue spraying type
Capacity of glue cylinder: 10KG/5KG/h
Carton specifications: Minimum/200(L)*35(W)*35(H)mm
Carton specifications: Maximum/480(L)*60(W)*60(H)mm
Work efficiency: Not less than 40 boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210℃
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

Theproduct is researched and developed for batch-type automatic packaging ofplastic wrap, silicon paper and aluminum foil box.It is suitable for productswith compact space between carton and product and requiring high positioningprecision. The equipment combines automatic coil feeding, automatic box feedingand automatic color code identification, and is a preference for manufacturer requiringhigh-end packing or with special requirements.

Characteristics & advantages

1. The equipment combines automatic coil feeding, automatic box opening, automatic color code identification (optional), automatic coiling, box folding, glue spraying and box sealing with high automation degree, smooth operation and high reliability;

2. It adopts three-axis servo for dynamic positioning with the carton being benchmark, thus has extremely high positioning precision, excellent reliability for products with compact space between carton and article, as well as completely eradicate the problem that full mechanical chain, when the serving duration is a little longer, will cause unstable factors and thus cause false packing;

3. It has widely absorbed manufacturing technologies and experiences of European and American equipment, been researched and developed based on the national conditions in China, thus has best cost performance with same performance;

4. To suit characteristics of domestic cartons, symmetric two-way box opening is adopted to ensure stable box opening for any carton;

5. It is equipped with advance full-automatic high speed hot melt adhesive machine, combined with imported Spanish MELTON glue gun and glue spraying system, thus is extremely stable and precise.

6. It is able to be equipped with automatic feeding auxiliary device for both online feeding and box type feeding.

7. It has large packaging range; it is convenient to be adjusted, and is able to quickly shift among different specifications and sizes;

8. It can be equipped with labeling machine, code sprayer, online mass-meter and other production lines produced to fulfill linked production;

9. Each station or motion is equipped with anti-crashing and position detection device, making the operation more safe and reliable.

10. Good universality, suitable for small edge folding boxes in different quantities

Working process

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