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Automatic glue spraying box folder

Model: CJ-ZH-80D
Dimensions: 9800(L)*860(W)*920(H)mm
Equipment power: AC380V/50HZ/4.8KW
Motor power: 1.1KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type
Capacity of glue cylinder: 5KG/h
Carton specifications: Minimum/210(L)x32(W)*32(H)mm(成型后纸盒尺寸)
Carton specifications: Maximum/450(L)*60(W)*60(H)mm(成型后纸盒尺寸)
Work efficiency: Not less than 80 boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210℃
Applicable carton materials: 200-350g/㎡
喷点直径: 1-3mm adjustable
喷点点数: 1-24 adjustable
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This is a corollary equipment specifically developed for packaging inplastic wrap, silicon paper and aluminum foil industries; it is able to quicklycomplete the high speed spot spraying of hot melt adhesive for the above seriespackaging boxes; it can accomplish box folding and gluing automatically, and isalso able to realize pre-reverse folding and pre-folding function; theproduction line has advantages including high efficiency, accurate spotspraying and high stability, and is leading in the industry;

Characteristics & advantages

1. Adopts transmission with upper/lower clamp straps to prevent paper from bending and sliding;

2. It combines automatic paper feeding, glue spraying, edge folding, box folding and pre-reverse folding, pre-folding with simple operation which can be quickly accomplished at one time. It is equipped with advanced full-automatic high speed double-gun hot melt adhesive machine in domestic

3. Shifting of size, length and specification of carton adopts handwheel screw type adjustment which is convenient and rapid;

4. Adopts high precision coder-encoder technology glue spraying, PLC and man-machine interface on which number and length of spraying spots can be set; different spots number and starting-stopping points can be set as required by cartons;

4. The discharge port of equipment is installed with discharging folding device; formed cartons can be pre-folded to certain degree to facilitate manual packing and automatic packing in later stage;

5. Adopts spring type clamping roller which not only can prevent paper from sliding, but also won’t be limited by product thickness;

6. The equipment adopts full-mechanical structure; each position is set with displacement sensor and will not be affected by the speed;

7. Devices such as sensing element, photoelectricity, mechanical overload protection and so on compose monitoring, alarm and failure displaying system; glue will not be sprayed without carton;

8. The machine has big application and common specification range; our company can design customized equipment with same process as required by customers;

Working process

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Equipment application case exhibition

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