Professionally Occupied In R&d And Manufacturing Of Automatic Application Equipment For Hot Melt Adhesive

Automatic glue spraying and pasting machine for book title pages and optical disks

Model: CJ-THG14H
Dimensions: 3960(L)*920(W)*1850(H)㎜
Equipment power: AC220V/50HZ/3.4KW
Motor power: 0.75KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type
Capacity of glue cylinder: 7KG/h
Carton specifications: Maximum/outer covers for A3 books
Carton specifications: Minimum/outer covers for A5 books
Work efficiency: Not less than 45 boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210℃
贴合误差: (Front and rear)(Front and rear)±0.5-1.5mm内
贴合误差: (Front and rear)±0.5-1.0mm内
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This machine is equipment directionally researched and developed forautomatic paper release, glue spraying, optical disk pasting, bonding processfor paper pages and optical disks; it has thoroughly solved the complex processfor traditional glue spraying and pasting by manpower, and fulfilled high speedautomation.

Characteristics & advantages

1. Full-mechanical working manner; possessing automation processes including automatic paper feeding, glue spraying, optical disk absorption, pasting and so on with stable and reliable operation;

2. PLC programmable control system and man-machine interface display operation are adopted, making the operation more clear and simple with higher automation and humanization degree;

3. The whole line is equipped with European glue spraying system and high precision coder counting, assisted by high flow hot melt adhesive filtering device, thus is able to apply adhesive precisely, stably and reliably;

4. Devices such as sensing element, photoelectricity, mechanical overload protection and so on compose monitoring, alarm and failure displaying system; moreover, protection measures such as not supplying carton without product, not spraying glue without carton are set;

5. Original rotary mechanical arm pasting method; the pasting positions are accurate and will not be affected by the change of overall speed of the equipment;

6. It provides two paper feeding methods: mechanical linked Feeder type feeding and mechanical arm fetching;

7. It adopts synthetic rubber wheel for paper feeding to ensure papers not being scratched and damaged;

8. It has broad pasting range and is able to past optical disk on any position of paper by selection of storage rack position;

Working process

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Equipment application case exhibition

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