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Chips box automatic packing

Model: CJ-KH-50S
Dimensions: 4800(L)*1000(W)*1750(H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V/3.8KW/50HZ
Motor power: 1.1KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type
Carton specifications: Specific for designated chips boxes
Carton specifications: Specific for designated chips boxes
Work efficiency: 70-80 boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

Thisequipment is special machine researched and developed directionally accordingto customer’s requirements.It is packaging equipment mainly used for automaticbox opening and forming as well as sealing after packing of chips boxes;compared with traditional manual box opening, it has significantly improvedproduction efficiency of products. By long term detection and verification,this equipment works stably with excellent performance, and is able to savemanpower cost and improve production efficiency significantly;

Characteristics & advantages

1. It adopts box opening method of vacuum pulling to make the forming of chips boxes which difficult to form much more easier;

2. It combines box opening, loading, box folding, glue spraying and sealing; it is equipped with advanced full-automatic high speed double-spray gun hot melt adhesive machine with compact and rational structure, simple operation and adjustment;

3. The box sealing system possesses functions such as automatic box opening, guiding the automatic glue spraying, compaction for box sealing and so on; it is able to complete the packaging flow automatically and rapidly;

4. Servo motor, PLC programmable control system and man-machine interface display operation are adopted, making the operation more clear and simple with higher automation and humanization degree;

5. Protection device for insufficient motion is adopted; instruction book will not be released and boxes will not be supplied without product; no box will be absorbed without instruction book; each station has alarm prompt for lack of material; thus the operation is safe and reliable;

6. It can be equipped with labeling machine, code sprayer, online mass-meter and other production lines produced to fulfill linked production;

Working process

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Equipment application case exhibition

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