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Horizontal four-edge sealing packaging machine

Model: CJZS4-150
Dimensions: (L)4000×(W)1300×(H)1600mm
Equipment power: AC 220/50   4.5KW
Motor power: 2.2KW
Work efficiency: 50-150 bags/min
Detailed description

Equipment modelCJZS4-150Outline specifications(L)4000×(W)1300×(H)1600mm
Equipment powerAC 220/50   4.5KWMotor power2.2KW
Maximum film width420mmMinimum film width80mm
Film coil diameter350mmBag-making width60-125mm
Bag-making length90-180 mmPackaging speed50-150袋/分

Equipment introduction

Full-automatic four-edge sealingpackaging machine automatically cuts one film coil into two, and then folds thetwo film coils, merges and seals.Products (such as medication paste) aretransmitted to between the two coils by conveyor, then seal on left and right,make opening which can be easily torn, seal on front and rear, then cut andfinally transmitted out.The machine can complete bag making, product enclosing,batch No. printing, four-edge sealing, cutting tearing edge, cutting andpackaging finished production, transmission at one time.The machine adoptsman-machine interface; bag-making length is precise and stable; it possessescharacteristics such as automatic left/right skew adjustment, front/rearphotoelectric correction, six groups of temperature control, free setting formounting and so on. The success of this machine finished the history of manualpackaging. The machine has excellent performance with high scientific andtechnical content.

Characteristics & advantages

1. Intelligent packaging machine controller (bag-length setting, color code automatic tracking, counting).

2. Stable and durable traditional gear transmission system.

3. Four-edge sealing bag-making, package sealing system (double-ling bag-making, with reticulated mottles adopted for sealing mottle.

4. Intelligent temperature control system.

5. Longitudinal intelligent photoelectric trademark positioning system.

6. Horizontal manual rectifying system for uncoiling of packaging film.

7. Automatic feeding system.(Optional)

8. Covered with stainless steel shield; parts contacting cloths are made by stainless steel or anti-rust material.

9. Electrical equipment control tank (including control panel, emergency stop switch, conveyor adjusting switch, motor switch and temperature controller panel)

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