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Pillow type packaging machine

Model: CJZS-90A
Dimensions: (L)3980×(W)970×(H)1530 mm
Equipment power: AC 220/50   3.6KW
Motor power: 0.2KW
Work efficiency: 25~160 bags/min
Detailed description

Equipment modelCJZS-90AOutline specification(L)3980×(W)970×(H)1530 mm
Total powerAC 220/50   3.6KWMotor power0.2KW
Maximum film width420mmMinimum film width10-80mm
Film coil diameter320mmBag-making width50~200mm
Bag-making length 120~450mmPackaging speed25~160包/分

Equipment introduction

This equipment is a continuouspackaging machine with strong packaging capacity and suitable for foods andnon-foods packaging in multiple specifications.It is not only able to be usedfor packaging of packaging materials without trademark, but also for coilmaterials pre-printed with trademark for high speed packaging. Length of bag can be set and shifted at any time by one step withoutrequiring adjustment of idling operation, which can not only save time but alsosave packing film.It is mainly suitable for packaging of regular objects suchas sweetheat cakes, rice bars, rice crackers, sandwich biscuits, water chestnutcakes, short biscuits, cookies, bean cakes, short biscuits, egg rolls,osmanthus cakes, digestive biscuits, caramel treats, instant noodles, crackersand so on.

Characteristics & advantages

1. Has no empty packaging function.Automatic stop for lack of materials; cutter stop for film moving; automatic supplementation of pushing materials.No empty package; no waste of wrapping film; not requiring manual feeding.

2. Built-in temperature control module; independent temperature PID control; precise temperature control; better suit various packaging materials.

3. Anti-material cutting function can prevent material cutting without stop, thus to improve machine operation efficiency and reduce equipment loss.

4. Touch interface; parameter setting is convenient and rapid.

5. Fault self-diagnosis function which displays failures clear at a glance.

6. Send sealing and gusset-insert device to make the bag shape more artistic, thus improve product level.

7. Positioning stop function; not sticking to cutter, not wasting wrapping film.

8. Simple drive system which operates more reliable with more convenient maintenance.

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