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Manual hot melt adhesive gun

Model: CJ-SD850
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Manual gluing
Carton specifications: Not limited
Carton specifications: Not limited
Work efficiency: According to utilization situation
Operation temperature: 210
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

1. Glue spraying can be in line, spot, spiral or fog shape to satisfy customer requirements;

2. Throat tube and gun body are connected by special 360° rotary adapters, and thus can rotate freely during operation;

3. Nozzles are manufactured with machine tools imported from Japan to ensure precision of glue spraying.

4. It is suitable for manual operation; and is applied in manual operation industries such as packaging, assembly, furniture production and so on;

5. Rapid industrial adapters of same grade of imported products are adopted to ensure stability of gun circuit. This gun can be used for both domestic and imported hot melt adhesive machines; 6) This gun is broadly applied in production of carton (box) packages, auto lamps, auto trim, furniture assembly, air conditioner and refrigerator assembly, non-woven products and so on;

7. Special design is adopted so that hands will not ache after long term operation.

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