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10KG hot melt adhesive machine (electric)

Model: CJMD100
Dimensions: 680(L)*630(W)*350(H)mm
Equipment power: Planetary gear 50K united variable frequency glue exudation with speed adjustable
Variety of adhesive used: 220VAC/single phase
Capacity of glue cylinder: 10KG/hr
Operation temperature: 210℃
Machine weight: 38KG
Melting capacity: 2 groups/4 groups
Glue cylinder treatment proces: Teflon non-carbonization treatment
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

Glue exudation method: Spot shape, stripe shape, fiber shape, spiralshape, knife coating, roll coating, spray coating, filling, sealing and so on.

Applied range: Carton (box) packaging, refrigerator sealing and filling,air filter industry, auto lamp industry, non-woven industry, cooperated bycoater and supported by automation equipment.

Characteristics & advantages

1. High strength unibody melting trough; radiation heating fins to add heat transfer area and improve melting rate.

2. Temperature control system adopts PID digital temperature control which is uniform in heating and not easy to carbonize.

3. Built-in double temperature control with high safety.

4. Gear pump has independent suspension system, making maintenance time-saving and convenient.

5. Modular design, making the replacement of gear pumps or reflux valves in different types simple and convenient.

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