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Superlong carton automatic packing machine

Model: CJ-ZHL-15H
Dimensions: 6100(L) * 2700(W)* 1800(H)mm
Equipment power: AC380V/50HZ/6.2KW
Motor power: 1.5KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type (plug-in type is optional
Capacity of glue cylinder: 15KG/H
Carton specifications: Minimum/700(L)*25(W)*25(H)㎜
Carton specifications: Maximum/1210(L)*60(W)*60(H)㎜
Work efficiency: 30-40boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210℃
Applicable carton materials: 250-350g/㎡
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

  This equipment is packing machine specifically developed for superlongcartons. It is suitable for automatic packing of products such as fluorescenttubes, auto wipers and so on; it possesses advantages such as convenient forstyle shifting, high efficiency, stable performance, high cost performance andso on.

Characteristics & advantages

1. It adopts twisting type box opening method which can make the forming of cartons which are difficult to form easier;

2. It combines box opening, loading, box folding, glue spraying and sealing; it is equipped with advanced full-automatic high speed double-spray gun hot melt adhesive machine with compact and rational structure, simple operation and adjustment;

3. The box sealing system possesses functions such as automatic box opening, twisting, automatic glue spraying, box sealing and so on; it is able to complete the packaging flow automatically and rapidly;

4. Servo motor, PLC programmable control system and man-machine interface display operation are adopted, making the operation more clear and simple with higher automation and humanization degree;

5. Adopting imported Spanish MELTON glue gun cooperated with precise counting by coder and decoder, the glue spraying system is stable and precise.

6. Protection device for insufficient motion is adopted; instruction book will not be released and boxes will not be supplied without product; no box will be absorbed without instruction book; each station has alarm prompt for lack of material; thus the operation is safe and reliable;

7. Good universality, suitable for small edge folding boxes in different quantities, and can also designed and transformed to equipment with same packing process according to your requirements

Working process

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