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Punching type box folding machine

Model: CJ-ZH20A
Dimensions: 2870(L)*1500(W)*2100(H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V/50HZ/4.1KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Carton specifications: Minimum/120(L)*120(W)*30(H)mm
Carton specifications: Maximum/240(L)*240(W)*120(H)mm
Work efficiency: 20 boxes/min
Applicable carton materials: 200-350g/㎡  
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This machine it combines automatic paper board fetching, laminationand forming, exporting finished carton and so on; it adopts mechanically andelectrically synchronous and automatic continuous working manner, PLC andman-machine interface control to obtain smooth operation and stable quality;

Characteristics & advantages

1. PLC and human computer interface are adopted for operation control to achieve simpleness and visualization of parameters;

2. Ram-type folding box, taking small floor area and saving space;

3. Servo transmission and servo stamping with accurate transmission position; during the stamping, the speed can be adjusted according to requirements for the carton, thus to reduce loss of cartons;

4. Size of the carton is adjustable. Products in different specifications can be adjusted as required (customized production is available is beyond the existing capacity of equipment)

5. Can be used mating hot melt adhesive spraying system;

6. Can form compatibly with cover and tray carton;

7. Multi-station detection and automatic alarm reminding to prevent mechanical fault which may damage the equipment;


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Working process


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