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15KG hot melt adhesive machine (pneumatic)

Model: CJMQ150
Dimensions: 680(L)*630(W)*350(H)mm
Equipment power: AC220V  3300W
Motor power: Maximum 210℃
Air source pressure: Total air pressure 2-6kg/cm² Air pressure of rubber pump 1-3kg/cm²
Variety of adhesive used: 220VAC/single phase
Capacity of glue cylinder: 15KG/hr
Machine weight: 48KG
Melting capacity: 2 groups/4 groups
Glue cylinder treatment proces: Teflon non-carbonization treatment
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

Glue exudation method:Spot shape, stripe shape, fiber shape, spiralshape, knife coating, roll coating, spray coating, filling, sealing and so on.

Applied range:Carton (box) packaging, refrigerator sealing and filling,air filter industry, auto lamp industry, non-woven industry, cooperated bycoater and supported by automation equipment.

Characteristics & advantages

1. New type guiding reflux unit, making adjustment setting more precise and stable.

2. Frame type body structure which is simple and quick for installation and maintenance.

3. Double-layer permeating type Teflon coating in melting cylinder and progressive type big fin shaped heating position to improve glue melting efficiency and save energy consumption, as well as efficiently reduce carbonization.

4. Teflon coating on external wall of melting cylinder; the heat preservation cotton is close to metal plate, thus to efficiently prevent glue overflow and carbonization pollution caused by misoperation, making the cleaning of equipment more convenient and easy.

5. Large capacity pump filter; efficiently prevent iron impurities from flowing into the glue duct as well as prevent blocking and damage of piston pump.

6. Precise metering pump ensures stability and continuity of glue exporting.        

7. Control system adopts latest self-detection Admiral digital temperature control system.

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