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Three-axis hot melt adhesive dispensing machine

Model: CJ-13P-JXS
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

Three-axis hot melt adhesivedispensing machine is widely applied in bonding occasions with all kinds of hoemelt adhesive with heterotype track and non-hot melt adhesive such aselectronic, electric appliances, leather products, auto lamps, women andchildren, stationeries, paper cards, cartons and so on. It possesses advantagessuch as intelligent, high speed, efficient, easy for operation and so on;

•Functions of glue dispensing system:

•Supports three-axis space linear interpolation, any two-axis arc, elliptic arc interpolation and so on.

Adopts real time multitasking control technique and hardware interpolation technique, obtaining high stability during operation.

•13 circuits specific input, 22 circuit common input, 18 circuits output, full opto-coupler isolation, super-strong disturbance resistance.

•Adopts speed lookahead algorithm, automatic smooth corner speed with smooth processing.

•Possesses rich instruction sets:Motion instruction such as linear, arc, single spot, ellipse and so on and port input, wait input, delayed suspension, glue gun selection, motor reset and other instructions.

•Senior editing function, including bulk editing, array copy, translation of graphics, zooming of graphics, automatic fillet and common graphic base, etc.

•Importing function of computer graphics is able to convert graphics in the computer into PLT files or G-code files, then into processing files for glue dispensing machine by controller for processing.Each processing file can store hundreds of thousands of processing points.

•Graphic display function, visually display graphics in processing file as well as dynamically display processing track at real time.

•Track lagging glue opening function and advance glue closing function; solving the problem of glue stacking on starting and ending points.

•Supports processing methods including circular processing, single processing, automatic processing, single step processing and so on.

•File instruction and editing function, as well as providing senior editing functions such as bulk editing, array copy, translation of graphics, zooming of graphics, automatic fillet and so on; possessing common graphic base for invocation by customers.

•USB disk read and write function, able to directly read and write processing files in USB disk.

•Convenient and rapid helping system; press Shift+F1 key on any interface to invaoke the file.

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