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Filter paper seamer

Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This equipment is researched, developed and manufactured by our Companywith reference to process of overseas equipment and consideration on actualsituation in domestic.It is broadly applied for seaming in auto, machinery,engine oil, diesel and air filter manufacturing processes.This equipment isdirectionally researched and developed for the industry. Please call us fordetails!

Characteristics & advantages

1. Acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant and heat resistant hot melt adhesive can be used; the actual utilization temperature can be up to 230°; and can operate for long term stably;

2. Excellent design philosophy and good manufacturing process, endowing it simple operation and high reliability;

3. Man-machine conversation operation; seaming data setting is convenient and rapid; style shifting can be accomplished within relatively short time;

4. Seaming efficiency can reach up to 20 pcs/min;

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